LAUNCH PAD STUDIOS teams with Wavuuvi Ministries

LAUNCH PAD STUDIOS has collaberated with Wavuuvi Minitries to launch the Youth of Uganda, Africa into their world and destiny.

PROJECT 1 - Launch the Youth of Uganda into their World

PROJECT 1 - We have the opportunity to reach beyond ourselves and affect children around the world! Launch Pad Studios has joined forces with Wavuvvi Ministries to help "launch" the Youth of Uganda into their world and destiny by helping provide their educational needs by and through our financial contributions. You can be just like the people in the video in the grandstands - waiting with great anticipation as the space shuttle sits on the launch pad. Then.... LIFTOFF and did you see exhuberance, tears of joy and "awe" as they watched the shuttle launch into it's mission? Will you reach beyond and touch the lives of children around the world? Will you contribute to their educational needs?
Proverbs 3:27 " Withhold no good from them to whom it is due, when it is the power of your hand to do it". The children of Uganda need an education - a good thing. The power to provide that education lies within our own hands. Will you please consider giving?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Culture House honors our founder

The Culture House would like to recognize one of our very special Volunteers, Judi Jones. Judi’s service to The Culture House is an example of serving in areas of need and blessing all of those around her.

When not serving at The Culture House, Judi is the artistic director and visionary of Kansas Academy of Theatrical Arts in Kansas City, Kansas.

Judi grew up on the streets of the south Bronx, NYC in the early ‘50’s. Gang violence at this time was so prominent that juvenile delinquent I.D. cards were issued in different colors. This led her mom to put this Judi in a youth theatre company that would take her off of the streets and put her in an off-Broadway show! Judi has dedicated her life to using the arts and youth in our communities as change agents to ensure safety, security, and positive personal growth.

“I believe students learn best from a teacher that models learning.I am currently taking ballet and jazz/hip-hop/dance conditioning classes at Culture House Arts Academy. This keeps me healthy,constantly challenged, and, as a Life Coach for teens an adults, givesme an up-to-date experience in achieving personal life goals.In this 62nd year of my life, my goal is to dance in Times Square inSpring of 2010. I’m still launching out into the future!”

Judi is a graduate of the Music and Art High School (FAME), New York, NY, has a B.A. in Theatre from City College of N.Y. and a B.A. in Theatre Education from UMKC. Judi has many years of experience in community action, directing, teaching, administration, and Theatre Education.

The Culture House is so thankful for Judi’s service and dedication to our students and staff.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Elizabeth has found a committed sponsor!

We like to report that a sponsor has come forward and committed to provide for the education for Elizabeth Nauma! God is so good for His provision! We are so grateful for her sponsor. Rejoice with us.

Carol has been sponsored!

Praise and thanks be to God for the sponsor who has committed to Carol Nambajwe's education! Kansas Academy of Theatrical Arts' own founder and Artistic Director has lovingly committed to Carol's education process.

Nicolas has been sponsored!

Mr. Nicolas has been sponsored by a couple who has partnered with Launch Pad Studios. They have committed to sponsor his education until he graduates the high school level!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Presenting - Nicolas

Nicolas -

DOB: Sept 27, 1989 (20 years)
Kampala, Uganda
About Nicolas -

Nicolas wants to be an engineer. Since his youth he has always been interested in taking things apart to find out how they work. His dream is to fix airplanes after he finishes college.

The Benefits of Education
Education offers an opportunity for these children to have a constructive and positive future. It helps them to get a good job; it allows them to provide for their families and also contribute to the betterment of their society, culture and country.
Cost of Education: $250/term ($62.50/month or $750/year) Nicolas is fourth year of high school and has two years remaining until completion of high school.

The Effects of No Education
With no education, these children lose hope for their future. With no other opportunities, they may end up on the street, turning to drugs and prostitution as a way of life. This inevitably leads to unwanted pregnancy and/or the contraction of HIV/AIDS. This is the reason the youth of Africa have the highest ratio of HIV/AIDS. The majority of children who need sponsorship for education are struggling in life due to broken families and illness. Many of the children are raised by single mothers and have no father visibly present in their lives. The mothers are very often without a job, making it difficult to provide food and education for their children.

The school year consists of three terms, as follows:
Term 1 - Feb through April (then 2 weeks holiday)
Term 2 - May through August
Term 3 - September through December (then 2 months holiday)

Emissary Sam is scheduled to leave for Africa!

On 08/17/2009 , I will be traveling to Africa (Uganda) for 2 1/2 weeks to carry out some projects, i.e. visiting the Wavuuvi school in the village which we opened up in 2007. "Wavuuvi" (wah-voo-vee) a Swahili word meaning "Fishers of Men".

CHILD SPONSORSHIP - to sponsor primary and secondary students in Kampala. $300 will pay all tuition fees and materials for a primary school student to attend school for one year. $750 will pay all tuition fees, school materials and room & board (including meals) for a secondary school student to attend school for one school year. Note: Girls in Africa are especially in need of sponsorship for education. When funds are limited in a family, the boy inevitably gets chosen to attend school instead of the girl. In African culture, it is often viewed as a waste of money to educate a girl since she will eventually get married and leave the family. Let's fight for the equal opportunity for girls to go to school.